Colour Drive at SOS Village Islamabad

Nothing excites children more than adding colours to drawing. Colours not only bring smile on their faces but change their mood as well, making them happier and excited. To explore this creativity, brinytoons organized a colouring drive at SOS Village Islamabad in Ramadan. The team of brinytoons distributed customized images on pages among participants. Kids used different colours of their choice and explored interesting combination that gave unique appearance to their imaginations. Brintoons took this initiative to brighten the day of these deprived children and add colours to their lives. After concluding the colour drive, brinytoons hosted iftar for voulnteers from Nust to end the day with holy month celebration.
We will be planning more of these drives at different locations and such colouring exercises will also be conducted online for you.
Join us and live in colours.