Nursery/Montessori Ryhmes

With the assistance of a Child Psychologist, have fostered a series that will involve your kid in innovative learning and keep them connected simultaneously alongside amusement.

Info-Tech Island

Time is changing and technology has taken the power along with the provision of some new opportunities in the market every day. Is your kid familiar with advanced technology? If not yet, then watch our information-filled video on BrinyToons to learn how QR code works.

History Chachu ki Zubani

This series contains data about local and world history which would assist your children with monitoring the significant occasions that affect the present-day world.

Dadi ki Islami Taleemat

The series is focused on providing authentic information on Islamic history, significance of Islamic chronicles and lessons about Historic Battles to your kids.

Machines & the Mechanisms

This series is aiming to take your kids to a wonderful journey of geographical superlatives of Pakistan

Brinytoons Vision

Brinytoons is coming up with more learning episodes. Those upcoming episodes have been enlisted in this video. Stay tuned with us and let your kid learn with fun.

Pak Pedia

A wonderful educational video to learn the names and meanings of Officers Rank Badges/Insignia for Pakistan Army in 3D animation by Pakistani Cartoon Channel.